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Kenya’s Pathfinder Academy:
Amistad Building Classrooms,
Library and Kitchen

Amistad International is exceptionally pleased to have been able to fulfill the request from Pathfinder Academy in Kitale, Kenya for assistance in building 7 classrooms, a library, and a learning center for the 360 students, many of whom are orphaned.

Through the generous donation of an anonymous family, the construction of the L-shaped two-story building got underway following the post-election violence which brought a flood of displaced refugees to Pathfinder Academy located in the Rift Valley. Funds were also sufficient enough to help complete the roof for the kitchen and dining hall.

Thanks to the generous help of the Foundation for Global Community in Palo Alto, California, Pathfinder Academy purchased the following items for the new kitchen: window glass, plumbing, sinks, wall board, stove, pots, two water tanks and an upgrade to 16Y rebar for the new second story library (a safety requirement by Dept. of Education engineering inspectors.)

Founded in 2002, the seventeen teachers at Pathfinder Academy seek to transform the lives of desperate and often abandoned children by providing them with an education, in hopes that one day they will return to their communities to serve as agents of change.



Pathfinders repairing roof

Despite previously cramped spaces and insufficient supplies, Pathfinder Academy currently has the fifth highest academic rating of the 302 primary schools in the district.

In an environment where hunger and illiteracy are the norm for the impoverished, Pathfinder Academy and its charity, methods, and success of its academic program are a shining example of dedication and love.

“Each day children face abuse and are at risk,” writes Machinga. “Yet, children at Pathfinder Academy are reaching toward their dreams, with opportunities available for them. [They] recognize that goals can be set and reached, and [they] dare to have hope for tomorrow. There is joy on their faces as they prepare lessons and learn skills needed to build a transforming future.”

—By Heidi Brenner Hayatgheyb



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